Fuchsias, Geraniums, Non-Stop Begonias, Bedding Plants, Compost


We have a selection of trailing and upright fuchsias with a range of single, semi double and double flowers. Our fuchsias are available from the nursery from March onwards.
Our fuchsias include...
  • Trailing: Blaze Away (Pink/Orange), Dark Eyes (Deep Red/Violet), Pink Galore (Pink/Rose Pink), Red Spider (Deep Crimson), Sir Matt Busby (Red/White), 
  • Upright (Bella): Evita (Red/White), Marisca (Blue/Pink), Nikita (Red/Lavender)
Fuchsia List 2020.pdf

Summer Plants:

We also have a fantastic range of high quality:

  • Geraniums: Upright and Trailing in many colours
  • Non Stop Begonias: offering stunningly bright non stop flowers all summer long
  • Patio Plants: including heliotrope, trailing petunias, nemesia, diascia, bacopa and million bells
  • Bedding Plants: in a six-pack including  bedding begonias and marigolds
  • Compost: our Petersfield multipurpose compost is very high quality and sutabale for all our plants, baskets and pots